About Us

Children of Compassion is a 501(c)(3) Public Charity - FEDERAL TAX ID NUMBER: 82-1136009

As the Paying Forward Kindness book by Benjamin Wollor communicates, key members of our team have volunteered to helped children in Liberia, Africa for many years. The Ebola epidemic in 2014 prompted us to find a way to help children who lost their parents and in some cases their entire family. 

We serve schools who wish to teach students compassion. Our fundraising service has received a powerful endorsement from every school we have served. Endorsements from school leaders are available on our site at https://www.childrenofcompassion.org/videos/.

Stephanie Abundo, Ph.D.
Angela Bhonopha
Joey Chiang
Renee Chiang
Dr. Linda Copeland
Vincent DiCarlo
David Dionisi
Gabriel Dionisi
Noreen Dunn
Sr. William Eileen Dunn
Joanie Fabiano
Sianneh Flomo
Dr. Kurt Heyrman
Serliea Johnson
Tom King, Ph.D.
Handful Kollie
Jeanne Lupien
Howard Mendoabor
Rita Moore
Tim Moore
Barbara Pawlikowski
Moses Quiah
Sally Rock
Susan Ryder
Steven Saulque
Rev. Patrick Swaray
Benjamin Wollor
Thanya Zambrano
Children of Compassion

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