Acts of Kindness





Fun Run - A student, parent or school administrator that would like to help their school and simultaneously help poor children in Africa can request a Fun Run. Our team will work closely with you to deliver this fund raising event that in many schools can raise over $30,000.

Walk for Water - A child dies every 26 seconds because they do not have clean water! Many children in Africa have to collect water for their family making going to school impossible. The Children of Compassion "Walk for Water and Education" is an event for all ages. Students bring a container to hold water and emulate the often long walk that people in Africa must perform each day to survive. We teach about what is being done to bring clean water to people and demonstrate how to purify water.

Helping an Elderly Neighbor - An elderly neighbor may greatly appreciate having their trash containers placed on the street and returned after being emptied. They may need help cutting their grass or keeping their yard well maintained. There are many ways to help an elderly neighbor to include offering to interview them and write a story about their life.

Visiting a Nursing Home - Students who enjoy good conversations, playing musical instruments, learning about historical events and playing board games should consider visiting a nursing home with classmates as an act of kindness project. A fun activity to help lead with classmates is to sing or play musical instruments. Another fun activity is to lead a bingo game.

Picking up Neighborhood Trash - Picking up trash does not sound like much fun but it can be when you are working with friends. Often in a few hours even a littered playground can be restored to a place that is beautiful and safe.

Starting a Youth Group - Making friends and helping people make friends can bring a tremendous amount of happiness. A youth group that combines delivering acts of kindness with entertainment (e.g., a movie night, a game night, etc.), can help people become friends.You may want to offer a time of the week when students can "drop in" at a class in school to meet with people. The next step is recruiting people interested in making new friends and offering entertaining activities. Watching movies, playing games and discussing current events are recommended activities. Another important youth group activity is having a Bible focus. Sharing thoughts about the Word of God does help people change their lives for the better.

Acts of Kindness Jars - An "Acts of Kindness" is a glass jar or plastic container with a "Children of Compassion - Acts of Kindness" sticker on it. Any member of the class that witnesses an act of kindness can insert a piece of paper with the name of a person performing the act of kindness written on it. A second Acts of Kindness jar or container is kept at home.

Parents and teachers want children to become better readers. The Acts of Kindness jars can also be used to encourage reading articles and books. In addition, Children of Compassion read-a-thon helps students with one of the most important skills they can learn. In a read-a-thon students are challenged to read 1 to 4 books. When this option is selected, children should meet with their teachers to decide on the books that will be read.