An Innovative Solution

We help children achieve their potential. How? We developed a state-of-the-art technology to enable children to help each other. Please click here to see testimonials from principals, teachers and students.

Our programs teach kindness, promote global citizenship and help the poorest of the poor live with dignity.

1. Paying Forward Kindness

2. School Fundraising

3. Children Needing Help

The Children of Compassion Brochure

Our vision is to help every orphaned and disabled child in Africa go to school. How do Children of Compassion programs help orphaned and disabled children in Africa? For example, when a school selects our Paying Forward Kindness program, we often receive $295 or more from a school delivering this program. Since we are a non-profit organization, the amount remaining after delivering the program enables us to help the poorest of the poor in Africa receive a hand up which routinely includes food and other critically needed assistance.

We also leverage existing distribution infrastructures in Africa. For example, instead of hiring people across the country, we deliver services to the poor in partnership with people who are already dedicating their lives to care for the poor. As a result, we maximize the effectiveness of every dollar donated by partnering with people with years of verifiable experience helping the poor.

If you have questions we also encourage you to call us at 617-932-9306.