Paying Forward Kindness

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FOREWORDPaying Forward Kindness will help you learn how Children of Compassion serves the poorest of the poor.

Benjamin Wollor's book will keep your hands and fingers very much alive and active from start to finish. This is an exciting book that will not allow you to put it down until you reach the very last page. This eye opening and breath-catching story will inspire and encourage readers to appreciate how the cycle of poverty can be broken with a hand up and hard work. It’s amazing to know that Benjamin Wollor, with all the bitter and life threatening experiences he endured, never stopped spreading kindness to others.

Benjamin's story of paying forward kindness is full of suspense. You will learn how he survived Liberia’s war and the deadly Ebola epidemic. This book can help you understand the challenges that people can overcome and how small acts of kindness are apowerful way to triumph over evil.

Paying Forward Kindness inspires us to help people regardless of the situation we find ourselves facing.